Posted by: swuharrison | July 28, 2011

Engage and Entertain

Title of Video:  Teaching in the 21st Century

Created by:  Kevin Roberts


Summary:  Teaching is not just to give the students information. They can get that on their own through technology.  The teacher is no longer the main source of knowledge for students, they are now the filter. The focus of the teacher is to show students the skills needed to get correct and accurate information.  Students can create new things using technology such as networking, blogging, a digital portfolio or posting.  They also need to be taught copyright laws.  The problem solving tools teachers use need to be evaluated and updated if necessary. Technology tools should be used to entertain and engage the students.

New or Interesting Concept:  Allowing the students to present their work using digital portfolios or blogs. Teachers no longer need to teach just the facts because students can find those on their own.  The teacher is now the filter of knowledge.

Response:  There were some great ideas and concepts presented. I can see where older students and especially high school students could greatly benefit from using some of the ideas presented.  It would be difficult for me to incorporate these into my preschool classroom.


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