Posted by: swuharrison | July 27, 2011

The Shift

Title: 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada

Produced by: New Brunswick Department of Education


Summary:  This video shows how rapidly the world of technology is changing. Many skills that are taught in school will be obsolete by the time the students graduate. This century, technology will experience 20,000 years of growth.  Textbooks can now be loaded on a computer or a hand held device.  Education should be about adapting to this change.  In order to keep the students engaged we must stay relevant and keep up. Schools and classrooms should have an environment rich in technology. They should also interact digitally and involve the community.

 Interesting Concept: The rate at how fast technology is improving, 20,000 years of growth this century, surprised me. Students could put their textbooks on their computer and have them all in one place instead of carrying around so many different books.

My Response:  I think it is important to have an environment rich in technology.  I have never thought about the fact that a lot of things taught in school will be obsolete by graduation.  In order to prepare the students for their future they need to have some experience with technology and be taught the manners and skills associated with it. The future is accelerating and somehow we have to try and keep up.  There is a big shift from how the classroom looked when I attended school to how it looks now.


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