Posted by: swuharrison | July 26, 2011

Giving the Students Control

Title of Article: Giving Up Control

Author: J Bevacqua


Summary: In this blog Mr. Bevacqua tells about giving his high school students more control over their assignment. The students were given complete choice of a topic or research question that they wanted to know more about. The students were also given complete choice on how they were going to present their research. The only stipulation was that the presentation could not “bore” the audience. Instead of giving the students a letter grade, the teacher focused on finding the answer to their question. The outcome of the project was a success. The students chose some engaging topics and were interested in their work.  They did not worry about their final grade but were motivated because it was of interest to
them. The teacher felt as if had more “one on one” time with his students.

New or Interesting Concept:
An interesting concept for me was the teacher allowing the students to have complete control over their research project. Also the concept of not
giving the students grades for the project but just using it as a learning skill.

Response: I have learned that giving more control to the students is a good concept especially for higher level thinkers.  If it is something the student enjoys learning about then they will be more motivated in doing their work. My preschool students enjoy learning when we are discussing a topic someone has asked me about.


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