Posted by: swuharrison | July 11, 2011

Review of “Through my Students’ Eyes” by Cheryl Oakes

Title of article: “Through my Students’ Eyes”

Author: Cheryl Oakes

This article followed a student through his school years and gives examples of some ways to use technology in the classroom.  Through elementary and middle school some great ideas were used to integrate technology in the classroom.  The student was excited about the projects every year.  When high school arrived he seemed comfortable using technology and was using it to play and communicate with his friends during school.  The high school teachers did not integrate different types of learning. They told him they did not have time because the content needed to be covered. The student then lost excitement about school. 

 I liked the idea of using a flip or video device to film the students saying their name and something about themselves.  This could help the students get to know one another in a fun and different way. I also liked that you could keep recording throughout the year by adding things they have learned to their video.

 The ideas presented for each grade were wonderful.  I think it is common for teachers to focus more on covering the content than integrating different types of learning or technology.  There are so many standards that have to be covered in one school year it is easy to get caught up in just making sure they are covered.  For those of us who do not have much experience using technology, it can be a challenge to use it as a teaching tool in the classroom.


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